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The Punishment of Luxury

100% records


Released: 1st Sep 2017


cd + dvd

Released: 1st Sep 2017


lp + download

Released: 1st Sep 2017


the Synth-pop pioneers return with a dazzling 13th that retains the wistful nostalgia & idealised romance of their previous work whilst stepping out of their comfort zone.

this is a daring collection of stylish synth pop & masterful songwriting which will certainly rank alongside their very best. “On this album we have managed to make beautiful things out of noises & repetitive patterns”, explains Andy. The album takes its name from an 1891 painting by the Italian Giovani Segantini & contains everything from the Kraftwerkian ‘Isotype’ & ‘Robot Man’ to the blue eyed soul ballads of ‘One More Time’ & ‘The View From Here’ as well as more traditional OMD songs like ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang’ & the synth heavy title track. The xx, the Killers & LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy have cited OMD as an inspiration.


The Punishment of Luxury


  1. The Punishment of Luxury
  2. Isotype
  3. Robot Man
  4. What Have We Done
  5. Precision & Decay
  6. As We Open, So We Close
  7. Art Eats Art
  8. Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang
  9. One More Time
  10. La Mitrailleuse
  11. Ghost Star
  12. The View From Here