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Sargent House


Released: 14th Jul 2017


2lp + download

Released: 14th Jul 2017


so which boris will you hear when you listen to their new record? It’s a perennial question - they of the stylistic curveballs and restless creativity - and one we can gleefully settle for you: this is the boris of the super heavy, slow, huge, and dreamy/droney variety.

think that epic first song from ‘pink’ and the cinematic monolith of ‘flood’. think beauty in unhurried guitar crunch, scrawls of psychedelic noise, huge drums, and soaring vocals. think honest-to-goodness metal powerriffing (‘absoutego’) and world-ending-prepostero-solos (‘absolutego’) and double time bridges (‘abolutego’). but also think tenderness, as wata makes a welcome return to vocals ('beyond'). It’s the boris you love the most.



  1. D.O.W.N -Domination of Waiting Noise
  3. Absolutego
  4. Beyond
  5. Kagero
  6. Biotope
  7. The Power
  8. Memento Mori
  9. Dystopia -Vanishing Point
  10. Dear