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Approximately Infinite Universe (2017 reissue)

Secretly Canadian


Released: 14th Jul 2017


super limited (300 only) indies only white 2lp + download including bonus tracks

Released: 14th Jul 2017


on this furiously powerful record, her strong feminist stance & inquisition into the structure of the music industry drives these inflammatorily progressive rock canvases.

the rage at the heart of this 1973 rock opus was not apparent on previously recorded efforts. Backed by members of New York band Elephant's Memory, with limited guitar contributions from John Lennon (listed as "Joel Nohnn"), the album is also one of the most traditional-sounding rock chapters in Ono's sprawling catalogue. There are moments here that absolutely rival Jersey legends the E Street Band, though of course Ono’s vision leads her band down darker, more mystical paths than the E Street Band ever dared tread. this is an essential & progressive piece of Ono’s output, both in the advancements she made as a songwriter/conceptualist, & as a solidified statement of her staunch feminist role within the very male-dominated mainstream rock ghetto of the mid-1970's.


Approximately Infinite Universe (2017 reissue)


  1. Yang Yang
  2. Death of Samantha
  3. I Want My Love to Rest Tonight
  4. What Did I Do!
  5. Have You Seen a Horizon Lately
  6. Approximately Infinite Universe
  7. Peter the Dealer
  8. Song for John
  9. Catman (The Roisies Are Coming)