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Daydream Melodies

deep distance

limited random black or clear lp

Released: 7th Jul 2017


this is some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kosmische minimalism via sunny Californian vibes coming off as fabulous mash-up of schulze/gottsching synth tonalism and maybe spiritualized or spacemen 3 if they’d just spent a bit more time outside.

the debut album by Free/Slope, is the work of Sweden-based Daniel Fridlund Brandt - not your average bedroom recording artiste. “Daydream Melodies” is nigh on epic in ambition- a fully realized, rich sounding kraut / psych mini masterpiece. Based on studio jams and improvisations -and through his almost jazz-like compositional technique- Free/Slope creates instrumental music with a classicist song-structure, whilst retaining an unmistakably loose, improvisational sensibility. His organic approach to recording adds to the spontaneity and acid-drenched feel of the record; woozy and otherworldy at the same time. A wide spectrum of influences, from Ashra and Harmonia to Miles Davis and from the Spacemen to Broadcast, via late '60s California psych, Steely Dan and Bo Hanson, informs Daniel's muse, the result being at the same time vulnerable, romantic, trippy and cool.

Daydream Melodies


  1. Washing Machine
  2. Nyte Flyte
  3. Kodiak Tracks
  4. Improvisations in G Major
  5. Voyage souz-marin
  6. Early Morning Raga / Carmel Beach
  7. Bortom vad du kan se
  8. Fata Morgana
  9. A Daydream´s Dream (Random Theme)
  10. December 6