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Released: 6th Oct 2017



Released: 6th Oct 2017

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a glorious burst of ska-drenched sunlight, run through with carefree melodies and elevated by a gorgeous vocal partnership – the band are beautifully cohesive in delivering this joy-filled record.

led by their iconic frontwoman Pauline Black, alongside a hugely talented band of musicians, and co-fronted by original member Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson, The anarchic passion that fuelled the band’s gigs during the 2-Tone era is still there, except the pair (Pauline & Gaps) are more driven than ever. Their confidence is sky-high and they’re also writing the best songs of their career. if you like the beat, madness or the skatalites, this is a perfect entry point.




  1. Frontline
  2. Remember Me
  3. Daylight
  4. The Big Badoof
  5. Paved with Cold
  6. Taking Back Control
  7. Things Fall Apart
  8. Mayhem
  9. 3 Reasons
  10. Pass the Power