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LCD Soundsystem

American Dream

dfa / columbia


Released: 1st Sep 2017


2LP + download

Released: 1st Sep 2017

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whilst bearing the obvious influences of bowie, byrne and new order, by pushing forward into deeper, darker subject matter, murphy has further solidified his own sonic identity with a complex yet effortlessly enjoyable record.

this heralds a return to the big feelings partnered with big electro sounds that characterised murphy’s most transcendent moments with his legendary band. there’s a sense that murphy’s past personal concerns are replaced by an outward-lookingness, mirroring a shift that many will be able to relate to. it makes moments here feel profound and bittersweet, but it is something offset elsewhere by the kind of high-energy, super-fun dance/rock/electro that can still unite dancefloors and festival fields in frenzied joy. “’American dream’ cannily takes the group’s sonic identity into braver, darker realms” 9/10 – album of the month – uncut.


American Dream


  1. oh baby
  2. 2 other voices
  3. i used to
  4. change yr mind
  5. how do you sleep?
  6. tonite
  7. call the police
  8. american dream
  9. emotional haircut
  10. black screen