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young, dumb and full of… (reissue)

Skeleton Key


Released: 20th Oct 2017


Garage meets neo post-punk in Cabbage’s self-described “collection of EPs”.

From thrashing riffs to rolling basslines, the electrifyingly brutal sound of ‘Young, Dumb And Full Of…’ is a call to arms for a generation lost in selfies.

young, dumb and full of… (reissue)


  1. Because You're Worth It
  2. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
  3. The Road to Wigan Pier
  4. Terrorist Synthesizer
  5. Dissonance
  6. Grim Up North Korea
  7. Indispensable Pencil
  8. Necroflat in the Palace
  9. Free Steven Avery (Wrong America)
  10. Tell Me Lies About Manchester
  11. Fickle
  12. Uber Capitalist Death Trade