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Nashville Cast

The Music Of Nashville: Greatest Hits Seasons 1-5

big machine


Released: 6th Oct 2017


it’s finally here – the most definitive collection of country bangers fresh from the gorgeous oven of  hit tv show, ‘nashville’.

across 3 cds, the most stand-out tracks from the show’s history beam out once more, recapturing those glorious moments, including songs performed by hayden panettiere, connie Briton and sam palladio.

The Music Of Nashville: Greatest Hits Seasons 1-5


  1. elescope (Radio Mix) [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  2. Wrong Song [feat. Connie Britton & Hayden Panettiere]
  3. A Life That's Good [feat. Lennon & Maisy]
  4. Undermine [feat. Hayden Panettiere & Charles Esten]
  5. Black Roses (Full Band Version) [feat. Clare Bowen]
  6. No One Will Ever Love You [feat. Connie Britton & Charles Esten]
  7. Joy Parade [feat. Lennon & Maisy]
  8. Change Your Mind [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  9. Hypnotizing [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  10. Stronger Than Me [feat. Connie Britton]
  11. Believing [feat. Charles Esten & Lennon & Maisy]
  12. If I Didn't Know Better [feat. Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen]
  13. Swept Away [feat. Lennon Stella & Jessy Schram]
  14. Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  15. Loving You Is The Only Way To Fly [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  16. Ho Hey [feat. Lennon & Maisy]
  17. Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  18. I Will Fall (Studio Version) [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  19. Have A Little Faith In Me [feat. Will Chase & Maisy Stella]
  20. Can't Say No To You [feat. Hayden Panettiere & Chris Carmack]
  21. Why Can't I Say Goodnight [feat. Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen]
  22. Heart On Fire [feat. Lennon & Maisy]
  23. Love Like Mine [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  24. All Of Me [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  25. I've Got You (And You've Got Me) [feat. Lennon & Maisy]
  26. Looking For A Place To Shine [feat. Clare Bowen]
  27. Sideshow [feat. Charles Esten]
  28. On My Way [feat. Hayden Panettiere & Jonathan Jackson]
  29. One Works Better [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  30. We Are Water [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  31. Sanctuary [feat. Charles Esten & Lennon & Maisy]
  32. Plenty Far To Fall [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  33. What If I Was Willing [feat. Chris Carmack]
  34. Buried Under [feat. Connie Britton]
  35. This Town [feat. Clare Bowen & Charles Esten]
  36. Trouble Is [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  37. This Is What I Need To Say [feat. Jonathan Jackson]
  38. Fade Into You [feat. Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen]
  39. Ball And Chain [feat. Connie Britton & Will Chase]
  40. My Song [feat. Sam Palladio & Jonathan Jackson & Clare Bowen]
  41. For Your Glory [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
  42. When The Right One Comes Along [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  43. Stand Up [feat. Chris Carmack]
  44. Your Best [feat. Lennon & Maisy]
  45. Longer [feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio]
  46. Boys And Buses [feat. Hayden Panettiere]