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RETO A ICH (prefuse 73)


K7 Records

lp + download

Released: 22nd Dec 2017


an electronic record that feels deeply connected with the emotions felt by a beating human heart, this is a powerfully moving listen.

The first side reflects the tension between the life of the artist & the bustling world outside; the wars abroad, the politicians at home. It's a tension felt in the repeating, circling keys of ‘Let The Pianos Freeze’, the pulsating rhythms of ‘No Juntos’, or the call & response of pitched vocal samples in ‘A Sword In The Rain’. halfway through, he can no longer grasp his humanity or connect to people around him. he packs up his small life & escapes. This change in situation is reflected in the second half of the album, with tension giving way to a rush of emotions: modulated elation on ‘All Regrets’, sweeping melancholy on ‘Tuesdays Always Awful’, & soaring hope on ‘Broad Plant Pt.2’.



  1. These Times Are Closing (Intro)
  2. Gambling In The Snow
  3. Let The Pianos Freeze
  4. No Juntos
  5. It's Her Birthday
  6. A Sword In The Rain
  7. Zato Lullaby Pt.2
  8. All Regrets
  9. The Leaning Tower Of Our Leaders
  10. Tuesday Always Awful
  11. Percussions, Hearts And Airs
  12. Broad Plant Pt.2
  13. These Times Are Closing (Outro)
  14. Not Enough Gravity (Reprise)