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Demob Happy

Holy Doom

so recordings


Released: 23rd Mar 2018



Released: 23rd Mar 2018


the second album by the Newcastle via Brighton three-piece will make you dance and shake, surfing the infinite divide with your head bobbing and your body swaying - particularly if you like wytches, yak, and dinosaur pile-up.

every second of the journey through ‘Holy Doom’ has been poured over to create an album dense with melody, life, and passing sonic moments that will reveal themselves over time. a labour of love and a worship of r-o-c-k. “one gargantuan rock monster” – diy, “An intellectual and all-embracing encapsulation of the godly and ungodly…full to the brim with the best hooks the trio have come up with”4* - dork

Holy Doom


  1. Liar In Your Head
  2. Be Your Man
  3. Loosen It
  4. Fake Satan
  5. Runnin' Around
  6. I Wanna Leave (Alive)
  7. Maker of Mine
  8. Holy Doom
  9. Spinning Out
  10. Gods I’ve Seen
  11. Fresh Outta Luck