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the great cessation (2017 reissue)

relapse records


Released: 8th Dec 2017


2lp + download

Released: 8th Dec 2017


Originally released in 2009, the trio's 5th full-length was a master lesson in cosmic Doom, Ebbing and flowing between thunderous riffage and rhythm to meditative moments of introspective psychedelia and this reissue features 2 bonus tracks – howling vocals included.

Epic, crushing, and heavy beyond words, YOB achieved legendary status due to their unmatched aesthetic and incredible body of work. this is a flawless document of a band reformed and reinspired like never before and is an essential piece in the pantheon of YOB's illustrious output. This definitive edition has been completely remastered by Heba Kadry (The Mars Volta, Diamanda Galas, Slowdive) and its two bonus tracks were previously only available on vinyl.

the great cessation (2017 reissue)


  1. Burning The Altar
  2. The Lie That Is Sin
  3. Silence Of Heaven
  4. Breathing From The Shallows
  5. The Great Cessation
  6. Blessed By Nothing (Bonus Track)
  7. Pain Like Sugar (Bonus Track)