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Various Artists / Soul Jazz Records Presents


Soul Jazz Records


Released: 19th Jan 2018



Released: 19th Jan 2018


Out of print for over 20 years, the legendary definitive Brazilian ‘soul jazz’ release is finally re-mastered for 2018.

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro over one hot summer in 1994 with a host of legendary Brazilian musicians including Sivuca, Raul de Souza and singer Joyce Moreno, it manages to capture both an important cross-cultural musical moment in time between Brazil and London while at the same time sounding as fresh and current as anything released today. A must have for any fan of south American music. 



  1. Pirulito - Introduction
  2. Pirulito - Batucada No. 1
  3. Celia Vaz & Wanda Sá - Zanzibar
  4. Celia Vaz & Wanda Sá - Amazon River
  5. Tutty Moreno & Group - Berimbau
  6. Pirulito - Capoeira
  7. Joyce Moreno - Mágica
  8. Sivuca - Forró
  9. Tutty Moreno & Group - Misturada
  10. Pirulito & Raul De Souza - Batucada No. 2