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Heartwood Institute

Secret Rites

polytechnic youth

very limited (300only) lp

Released: 12th Jan 2018

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First release on Polytechnic Youth for 2018, (after a jaw dropping 21 releases last year!) sees a first larger scale, vinyl release for the mighty Heartwood Institute.

Preceded by a pair of wonderful, yet small run cassette and CDR releases, Jonathan Sharp’s esteemed HI project deservedly receives a wider scale outing here…. Entitled “Secret Rites”, imagine if you can, an unholy collision of TG style proto industrial, Kosmische / kraut grooves and 70’s folk horror soundtracks. “Secret Rites” delves deep into a series of forgotten occult documentaries from the late sixties and early seventies; “The Power Of The Witch”, “Witchcraft ’70” and “The Legend Of The Witches. Focusing on the superstars of the period: Alex & Maxine Sanders, self appointed King and Queen of the Witches. A hauntological dive into a time when the occult was making inroads into mainstream media, truly the Age of Aquarius……. A wonderfully free-flowing, evolving record that grows with each listen and a fine start to the New Year for both artist and label. A one off pressing of 300 vinyl LPs. ““What works is Heartwood’s flair for isolating the listener from the outside world and dropping you deep into a well of senses cheating trickery, the sounds cold and detached disfigure and shape shifting to cast looming shadows of disturbia and paranoia, a portal to an underworld where legends, ghost stories and folklore are very much a reality.” – The Sunday Experience.

Secret Rites