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ra ra rok


Released: 23rd Feb 2018


limited (300 only) gatefold lp w/ alt-cover

Released: 23rd Feb 2018


"Think Wall of Voodoo, Joe Meek & Leonard Cohen via Monty Python & The Magic Roundabout" - a fabulous description of this weird & wonderful record - occasionally the album sales notes are bang on & our job is done for us.

Nothing is stable (either within the tumultuous band or their music), everything is usually on the brink of collapse, yet Phobophobes have dragged their dark psychedelic rock’n’roll into the light on their debut album. Their far-reaching influences draw on the spirit of apocalyptic garage rock, the resulting sonics being akin to shop faves The Amazing Snakeheads, The Fat White Family or Moonlandingz - what's not to love?! A deeply additive listen equally effective to psych you up to battle the daily grind or for whisky fuelled late night indulgence.




  1. Where Is My Owner?
  2. Miniature World
  3. Human Baby
  4. The Never Never
  5. Free The Naked Rambler
  6. Child Star
  7. No Flavour
  8. The Fun
  9. Mama Power
  10. Bite The Apple