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Kid In A Big World (2018 reissue)


lp + download

Released: 27th Apr 2018


"A magnificent collection of rococo balladry and florid vignettes from a singer/songwriter who might have rivaled Elton or Bowie.

What a discovery!" (Uncut *****) “If a fairer world prevailed, John Howard would surely have been huge in the 1970's. Even though events didn't turn out that way... at least there's a chance for those who missed out first time to discover a 1975 album that ranks as a great "lost" treasure. With a sound midway between the flamboyant piano‐led poprock of Elton John and the rich melodrama and tragic story‐telling of Scott Walker, the album begins superbly with a strident 'Goodbye Suzie' but its tale of suicide meant that it was deemed unfit for Radio 1 at the time” (Leonard's Lair). Produced by Tony Meehan at Abbey Road (engineer Peter Bown ‐ Beatles , Barbara Streisand) and by Paul Phillips at Apple Studios (engineer Phil McDonald ‐ John Lennon ), It featured musicians of the calibre of Argent’s keyboardist Rod Argent and their drummer Bob Henrit.

Kid In A Big World (2018 reissue)


  1. Goodbye Suzie
  2. Family Man
  3. The Flame
  4. Maybe Someday In Miami
  5. Gone Away
  6. Missing Key
  7. Spellbound
  8. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
  9. Deadly Nightshade
  10. Kid In A Big World