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Star Sponge Vision

Crowley and Me*

mega don


Released: 27th Apr 2018



Released: 27th Apr 2018


Star Sponge Vision is Jon Povey, Keyboards, Vocals, Narration & percussion and Twink Drums, percussion & Narration (Ex Pretty Things) with Max Gibson, Nick Ferris, and Ed Sykes.

Together they have recorded a concept album about Aleister Crowley. Yes, that Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast! It all starts in 1974. John Povey is sitting with Jimmy Page in the Hyatt hotel on Sunset Blvd watching a film by Kenneth Anger "Scorpio Rising". Listening to Jimmy's music they talk about many things, including his interest in one Aleister Crowley! The seed is sown. Fast forward to 2016. Jon Povey is working with Twink on his "Technicolor Dream" music, adding keyboards and vocals. Twink says "Ever thought about looking into Crowley poetry and writing music to it?" Another seed drops into Povey’s mind. Sometime later he purchased several books about this strange and complicated man, Aleister Crowley which inspired him to write the album Crowley and Me.

Crowley and Me*


  1. Crowley & Me
  2. The Pentagram
  3. Clouds Without Water
  4. The Mantra
  5. The Tent
  6. The Logos
  7. Hymn To Pan
  8. Kathleen Divine
  9. The Buddhist
  10. The Gypsy
  11. Grave Grey Eyes
  12. Lament For Al
  13. Why Do you Wait