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Neil Cowley Trio

Spacebound Tapes



Released: 13th Apr 2018


this ep features 4 remixes of his Trio’s ‘Spacebound Apes’ album by 4 distinct voices in electronic music: Rival Consoles, Throwing Snow, Christian Loffler & Vessels.

A bold exercise in atmosphere & emotion, the album was woven together with some of the most breathtaking, impassioned music that Neil has ever created. Originally inspired by Arthur C Clarke’s 1956 sci-fi book ‘The City & the Stars’ the album was recorded at Cooper Hall, a studio & cinema set deep in the Somerset countryside with Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ running on permanent rotation. The sci-fi aesthetic is firmly grasped by the four remixers, echoing the theme in their own reinterpretations. The reimagined tracks retain the inventiveness of the originals while exploring progressive but considerate paths. In his version of ‘Weightless’, Erased Tapes signed Rival Consoles feeds off of the electronic songwriter’s critically lauded humanised techno, while rising German musician Christian Loffler brings new dimensions of space & scale to ‘Death To Amygdala’. Houndstooth’s Throwing Snow delights in deconstructing ‘Duty To The Last’ with pulsing energy & Vessels’ take on ‘Echo Nebula’ applies mechanical facets to the delicate sounds of the original.

Spacebound Tapes


  1. Weightless (Rival Consoles Remix)
  2. Duty To The Last (Throwing Snow Remix)
  3. Death To Amygdala (Christian Loffler Remix)
  4. Echo Nebula (Vessels Remix)