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Pablo Held Trio


edition records


Released: 13th Apr 2018



Released: 13th Apr 2018

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Crafted with alluring elegance, lyricism and sophistication, this is an album that perfectly blends tradition with modernity, familiarity with exploration and poised nuance with passion and energy.

The brilliant German pianist and improviser has brought a new intensity of expression to German jazz on his landmark 10th album with his long-standing trio on Edition Records. fans of john Scofield or chris potter should check this out. “All three musicians are continually searching, finding different routes, drawing different but yet sympathetic conclusions. With 9 previous albums to their name, it is little wonder they are in such demand. It needs no distractions – each time you listen is a journey of discovery that may or may not take you to a new world” – bebop spoken here.



  1. Investigations
  2. Dr. Freeds
  3. I’ll Dream of Flowers
  4. Yearning
  5. Stubborn
  6. April Sonne
  7. Birkenhain
  8. Haiku Kit