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The Drowning Craze

Singles 81-82

bella union


Released: 8th Jun 2018


white lp + dl

Released: 8th Jun 2018


before Cocteau twins, simon Raymonde played bass in this short-lived (but brilliant) post-punk band, whose talent is immediately evident upon first listen.

Their legacy is three singles and a John Peel session, a glimmer of possibility and a hint of something quite wonderful, and then gone. their debut single "Storage Case" was released on Situation 2 in June of 1981 and was a glacial, perfect, blissful, post-punk, dark wonk workout with a busy hypnotic chorus bass line and a “shattered glass” guitar. It was their only release to feature the wonderful voice of New York singer Angela Jaeger who was in London studying music and theatre (and would eventually join Pigbag) and was made Single of the Week in the NME and Sounds.

Singles 81-82


  1. Storage Case
  2. Damp Bones
  3. Trance
  4. I Love The Fjords
  5. In The Heat
  6. Replay