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Head Technician (pye corner audio)

Profane Architecture

ecstatic recordings

lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 11th May 2018


Taking inspiration from his fascination with Brutalist construction, the pye corner audio man exclusively uses his trusty roLands to sketch out a slow, murky sound in furtive pursuit of zones darker and more obscure than ever before.

Echoes of early Detroit and UK bleep & bass infiltrate the stark corridors of ‘Profane Architecture’ as much as the hauntological spirits of Boards of Canada. they combine to make a sound that revels in nostalgia yet yearns for the future. our man goes from strength to strength to weirder, darker and more moving worlds with every release. TRY this if you like john carpenter, raime, andy stott.

Profane Architecture


  1. First Pour
  2. Beton Brut
  3. Formwork
  4. Habitation
  5. Second Pour
  6. The New Brutalism
  7. Decay Blossoms
  8. Demolition