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David Axelrod

Song Of Innocence (2018 reissue)

Now-Again Records


Released: 6th Jul 2018



Released: 6th Jul 2018


transferred directly from Axelrod’s original EQ’ed master tapes, this audiophile reissue captures and enhance the brilliance of his debut masterpiece.

Celebrated as psychedelic, the birth of jazz-fusion, the harbinger of hip-hop, ‘Song of Innocence’ is a hybrid that no one, not even Axelrod himself, could describe. Grounded by Wrecking Crew vets Earl Palmer and Carol Kaye’s funk, torn between the juxtaposition of musical elements, Axelrod’s sweeping arrangements utilised brass and strings in a way that no one of his era did. It’s both violent and sublime. “With ‘Song of Innocence’ […] Axelrod unleashed his remarkable imagination, one that would forever shape his reputation as one of the decade's most eclectic and creative producer-composers.” – SPIN.

Song Of Innocence (2018 reissue)