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RF Shannon

Trickster Blues

Fuzz Club


Released: 20th Jul 2018


clear blue LP + download

Released: 29th Jun 2018


they take a drastic shift from the long-form, pensive desert meditations of their previous record, transcending over to an enveloping, widescreen psych americana.

The final product of the seize-the-moment approach behind their writing and recording process echoes the themes ‘Trickster Blues’ attempts to dissect. “The lyrics are about acknowledging consequences and saying "so what", the reward is worth the risk, etc. It's about feeling a pull, a calling, and dedicating to it hell or high water, whatever that may be. It’s the heart of it all.” Says Renfro. “Our old material is challenging and dense, and I love it. I love the spaces we have created. But I wanted to record songs that could just stand alone and be what they are.''  Fans of bonny doon, loma and erin rae should check this out.

Trickster Blues