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polytechnic youth

very limited lp

Released: 2nd Jul 2018

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this mighty set from the Austria-based synth pop duo comprises a range of electronic songs whose sheer melodic guile of song writing never dips for an instant, whilst never anchoring themselves to one particular influence or style.

This is Beautifully icy cold synth pop straight out of early prime era Mute / Blackwing studios output. Serene yet melodic, edgy, dry icy hooks and delicious grooves aplenty all over this record. Violet Candide is a founding member of the Crazy Hospital DJ collective, and one of the organisers of the legendary “Future Echo” club night in Vienna, and is one half of ‘Anesthetic Hairpins’; whilst British musician Mahk Rumbae is known for his work as a member of the industrial/experimental project ‘Konstruktivists’, ‘Oppenheimer MkII’ (with Andy Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Analysis) and his solo techno project ‘Codex Empire’.