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Returns To Valley Of Rain

fire records


Released: 10th Aug 2018


limited indies-only blue lp + download

Released: 10th Aug 2018


This blinding rerecording of the band’s 1983 album serves as a reminder of their honest-to-goodness r-o-c-k roots – a tough, raw, desert-punk outlier ready for reconsideration.

It’s the recording these songs deserve – live and thrumming with the energy of something like a husker du album played at half speed. Forget what you think you know about this band – we recommend this to you’re into the 80s and 90s US indie and punk underground and want join the dots. Plus, the title track is something of a lost classic. “In a long journey full of fascinating detours along the way, Giant Sand's first album was a rocking pit stop that's lively, smart, and full of nerve.” - allmusic

Returns To Valley Of Rain


  1. Tumble and Tear
  2. Valley Of Rain
  3. Curse of a Thousand Flames
  4. Death Dying and Channel 5
  5. Barrio
  6. Down On Town (Love's No Answer)
  7. Artists
  8. Man of Want
  9. Torture of Love
  10. October Anywhere
  11. Black Venetian Blind