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chimera music


Released: 19th Oct 2018


lp + download

Released: 2nd Nov 2018


First and foremost, yoko ono has always been an exceptionally gifted performance artist, and it’s this element of her talent that she’s tapped into for this set of remakes of tracks from her now near 50 year recording career. This is music aimed at the head, music to make you sit up and listen. Even the tracks you know and love are flipped on their head, with ‘imagine’ the most stunningly different with spoken word and low drone skewering the original and making it something profoundly different that sits on the accessable edge o meredith monk, annette peacock and diamanda galas. “few cared then. They’d be mad not to now” – 4/5, mojo



  1. Warzone
  2. Hell In Paradise
  3. Now Or Never
  4. Where Do We Go From Here
  5. Woman Power
  6. It’s Gonna Rain
  7. Why
  8. Children Power
  9. I Love All of Me
  10. Teddy Bear
  11. I’m Alive
  12. I Love You Earth
  13. Imagine