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Released: 28th Sep 2018



Released: 28th Sep 2018


We adore this album – it hypnotises with aloof, adroit motorik pop featuring dreamily disinterested pan European vocals that’ll have you filing it alongside the likes of broadcast, stereolab, Julia holter and jane weaver.

Frost is a Brighton-based collaboration between French-Swedish sound artist Johanna Bramli (vocalist for Stereolab offshoot Imitation Electric Piano) and Fujiya & Miyagi’s Steve Lewis. The album is underpinned by addictive krauty grooves and kosmische flourishes, and veers between the directness of songs like ‘keratin’ and its conventional structure, and more textured, impressionistic passages. It's this tension that makes for such a compelling listen, bramli and lewis at once inviting you to inhale their weightless pop songs whilst beckoning you towards their more opiated inclinations. “A detour through the best of 80’s pop” - The Line of Best Fit



  1. Record Still Spinning
  2. ternelle
  3. La V nus D’Argent
  4. Keratin
  5. Delta Antenna
  6. Crackling On The Wire
  7. Black Mountain
  8. Scars On The Lining
  9. Materials
  10. Materials Trail Away