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Released: 19th Oct 2018



Released: 2nd Nov 2018


Intimate, soulful 80’s inspired pop with hints of sade, bolstered by the unmissable bass of dev hynes – insatiable pop music that’ll ring true for carly rae Jepsen and blood orange fans.

After having laid down the basic tracks and writing the songs, she would later invite collaborators-Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange), LA production duo Sam Griesemer and Jerome Potter of DJDS, Spanish electronic producer Pional-but the resulting project remains a showcase of Rodriguez' skill both as a lyricist and a producer, though she is wont to admit it. With ‘Us’, Rodriguez wanted to facilitate a more equal exchange of energy between herself and her listeners, to create a "community." "It's not just love songs. It's about different experiences of the heart," she says. "I want it to be like a mirror, and [the audience] sees a little bit of themselves in every song." “Considerably brighter, both thematically and tonally, than its predecessor, the album ascertains the guileless exhilaration of love.”- slant magazine




  1. Everything to Me
  2. Just the Same
  3. Trust Me Baby
  4. Love for Me
  5. I Don't Even Smoke Weed
  6. Timberlands
  7. I've Got Love
  8. all for Nothing
  9. When I'm With Him
  10. Again