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Released: 9th Nov 2018



Released: 9th Nov 2018


“every road feels travelled” is a line that captures the weariness of mangan as this album sets out, but that gives way to a moving celebration of life in all its prosaic wonder by its end.

Inspired by nick drake and van morrison, the Canadian musician explores fatherhood, friendship and fear. We love how this one evolves, starting downhearted, and blooming into a buoyant back stretch of sanguine songs that also remind us of kevin morby, broken social scene and old arcade fire. Musically it’s inventive and lithe, a textural cousin to the windswept indie heritage of his homeland. Mangan is a quality singer-songwriter and this one really connects. “every track is a heartfelt outpouring of emotion… at his most raw and equally powerful” 4* - narc magazine, “warmth and possibility, if not outright optimism” – spill magazine

More or Less


  1. Lynchpin
  2. Peaks & Valleys
  3. Just Fear
  4. Lay Low
  5. Cold In The Summer
  6. Troubled Mind
  7. Fool For Waiting
  8. Can’t Not
  9. Never Quiet
  10. Which Is It