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Released: 30th Nov 2018



Released: 30th Nov 2018


“WARM” sees Tweedy continue down the same stripped back alt-country path that he took on Wilco’s most recent release “Schmilco”, with his first solo record of wholly new songs – as always, they offer a beautiful balance of candid & reflective moments that take in the full range of human experience.

Produced & recorded entirely by Tweedy in Chicago, “WARM” sees a more candid approach than usual, unsurprisingly for an artist who has recently released his first memoir. As writer George Saunders details within the liner notes – “Certain lyrical flowers sprout up with regularity across this record - a son who has lost a father sings to his wife, his sons, that father. There are apologies, and mirror-twins; threats to enemies, entreaties & dreamy challenges as well as phrases that serve a simple function - they make the listener love language again”.



  1. Bombs Above
  2. Some Birds
  3. Don't Forget
  4. How Hard It Is For A Desert To Die
  5. Let's Go Rain
  6. From Far Away
  7. I Know What It's Like
  8. Having Been Is No Way To Be
  9. The Red Brick
  10. Warm (When The Sun Has Died)
  11. How Will I Find You?