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CD (pre-order)

Expected Release: 16th Nov 2018



Released: 9th Nov 2018


Smalltown Supersound is proud to be releasing Yoshinori Hayashi’s debut album, Ambivalence, on October 26th.

Previous work by the Tokyo-based producer has been called “a complex patchwork of studio gear, live instruments, dusty jazz records and smartly cut library sounds, whose textures are soft and inviting. But its arrangements are constantly ruffled, squeezed, brushed and pinched—which is to say, nothing stays still for long” (Resident Advisor). Hayashi presents his self-described “collage expression” throughout Ambivalence, which he produced and played in its entirety. Album opener, “Overflow,” is a club track inspired by Cecil Taylor. It’s freeform nature sets the tone for the album’s cosmic, hypnotic, and almost ritualistic approach. Hayashi has studied under Japanese avant-classical composer Mica Nozawa. When not DJing, he works in a record store in Tokyo. Thus far, Hayashi has released a string of 12”s on labels including Going Good Records, Jinn Records, Lovers Rock, Gravity Grafitti and Moscoman’s Disco Halal.



  1. Overflow
  2. III Chose
  3. Palanquin Bearing Monkey
  4. Bit Of Garden
  5. Double
  6. Downstream
  7. 0208
  8. Chironex
  9. Flexible Mono
  10. Spasm
  11. Geckos