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drone rock

Limited Heavyweight transparent blue lp w/ red & white splatter

Released: 12th Oct 2018


These guys blend driving post-rock with psychedelic sounds, minimal techno and synthwave in a truly rare blend.

Pushing the envelope from their traditional post-rock beginnings, tight arrangements and busy inventiveness interact with a lightness of touch, without having to resort to the volume switch. Searing guitar pyrotechnics give way to cinematic synthscapes with aplomb throughout. You will likely enjoy if you enjoy public service broadcasting, and recent mogwai. “Unlike some post-rockers who have grown rather plodding and predictable with age, Movion appear to be better served by being a compact and hungry unit” - Terrrascope. “…allow it to gestate in your brain and you are rewarded with something that seems to coalesce into a series of beautiful vignettes. Fragile and sparkling, this album keeps you guessing from start to finish such is its diversity and divergence." - Psych Insight



  1. Ylem
  2. Stereo Individuals
  3. Any App For Soul Catharsis
  4. Goodbye Vertebra
  5. Window Water Eyes Moving
  6. Hunt And Peck
  7. Wysiwyg
  8. A Whale Is Going To Mountains