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The Silver Field


o genesis


Released: 11th Jan 2019

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Some really special, intimate music this, merging as it does bedroom electronics and plaintive guitar figures to perfectly soundtrack your next living room session spent staring blissfully into space.

‘Rooms’ was recorded in Coral Rose’s bedroom and on the album instruments such as the double bass, cello, guitar, mandolin, harmonium and a bagpipe chanter form loops and layers, her father’s old SPX-90 drenching the rich sounds in delays and reverbs. The record is focused on leaving a home behind, both physically and emotionally. That ache seems to underpin these gorgeous movements, circling with tape loops in a way that will find a place in your heart if you’ve enjoyed music by woo, vini reilly, tunng, david thomas broughton, early panda bear/animal collective, and all things nice, basically. “a delicate and pleasing creature, shimmering Cocteaus / Durutti Column sort of deal” - quietus



  1. Fire
  2. Rain
  3. Dolino
  4. Gost
  5. Rosebud
  6. Rafters
  7. Nourish
  8. Moor
  9. Rooms