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Live at the Roundhouse

Transgressive Records


Released: 30th Nov 2018


3LP + download

Released: 30th Nov 2018


The electric, and electrifying, performance that makes up “Live At The Roundhouse” (taken from their 2017 performance) brings together ten years of Johnny Flynn’s music and wraps it up in one exciting record – their success was always in no small part down to their exhilarating live shows, making this the perfect encapsulation of their appeal as one of the leading folk rock bands in the country.

This collection also features a bonus studio cut, the much requested and never released 3-verse rendition of Johnny’s ‘Detectorists’ theme. At 24 tracks long, “Live At The Roundhouse” pays homage to the past whilst pointing propitiously to the group’s future with choice cuts from across his career making this a celebration of a decade’s worth of music.  

Live at the Roundhouse


  1. Raising the Dead
  2. Lost and Found
  3. In the Deepest
  4. The Night My Piano Upped and Died
  5. Barleycorn
  6. Howl
  7. Murmuration
  8. Brown Trout Blues
  9. Country Mile
  10. Hard Road
  11. Wandering Aengus
  12. Jefferson's Torch
  13. The Landlord
  14. Cold Bread
  15. The Wrote and the Writ
  16. The Water
  17. Tickle Me Pink
  18. Introducing the Band
  19. The Box
  20. Heart Sunk Hank
  21. Detectorists
  22. Fol-De-Rol
  23. Eyeless in Holloway
  24. Detectorists (Full Studio Version)