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The Road: Part II

Songs For The Def


Released: 29th Mar 2019


deluxe 2cd + bonus instrumental cd

Released: 29th Mar 2019


180g 3lp + booklet

Released: 29th Mar 2019


limited edition 180g neon red / green / yellow 3lp + booklet

Released: 29th Mar 2019

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james lavelle’s epic second instalment in his “road” series features a plethora of fancy guests - including shop favs Leila moss, mark lanegan and Keaton henson – and delivers 80 minutes of deeply emotive production wizardry.

Following on from the critically acclaimed ‘The Road: Part I’, James Lavelle's follow-up is split across two parts with 22 tracks. James described this journey as having "more of a mixtape aesthetic being the ultimate road trip". Fans of massive attack, tricky and lamb should check this out!

The Road: Part II


  1. Iter VI: Prologue (feat. elliott power)
  2. Requiem (When You Talk of Love) (feat. mark lanegan, john isaacs, michele lamy & brian cox)
  3. Ar.Mour (feat. elliott power & miink)
  4. Iter VII: Lost (feat. philip sheppard & tom smith)
  5. The Other Side (feat. tom smith & philip sheppard)
  6. Feel More / With Less (feat. liela moss, miink & philip sheppard)
  7. Nothing to Give (feat. miink, elliott power & jon theodore)
  8. Iter VIII: However Vast the Darkness (feat. brian cox)
  9. Long Gone (feat. tessa angus, ysee & philip sheppard)
  10. Only You (feat. wil malone)
  11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (feat. keaton henson & philip sheppard)
  12. Iter IX: Epilogue / Tales of the City (feat. elliott power)
  13. Crucifixion / A Prophet (feat. tom smith, ian astbury, chris goss, eska, miink, boc, troy van leeuwen & justin stanley)
  14. Powder Man (feat. chris goss)
  15. Kubrick (feat. mick jones)
  16. Sun (The) (feat. leila moss)
  17. Find an Outsider (feat. the big pink)
  18. Iter X: Found (feat. christiane kubrick)
  19. Days and Nights (dhani harrison, philip sheppard & andrew innes)
  20. Reprise (feat. dhani harrison)
  21. Iter XI: In Your Arms (brian cox)
  22. Touch Me (feat. leila moss)