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“Harlem River Dub” (Peaking Lights Remix)    


limited 12"

Released: 25th Jan 2019


The most iconic kevin morby song gets dubbed to infinity by the peaking lights tinkerer, transforming into a mysterious and spacious long-form workout.

If you enjoyed bill callahan’s dub treatment of his ‘dream river’ album, you’ll dig this marvellous effort. “I wanted to do something to honor the title track off of my debut album, Harlem River, turning five years old this year. Its been very good to me over the past half decade as well as a staple in my live show. I’ve asked Aaron [Coyes] from Peaking Lights to breath some new life into it and give it a remix and I’m very happy” —Kevin Morby

“Harlem River Dub” (Peaking Lights Remix)    


  1. Harlem River Dub (Peaking Lights remix)
  2. Harlem River After Hours Dub (Peaking Lights remix)