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hey colossus

Four Bibles



Released: 17th May 2019



Released: 17th May 2019


limited uk indies-only transparent green lp

Released: 17th May 2019


the sextet’s twelfth studio album is an incredibly varied tapestry of ideas, ranging from their familiar post-hardcore crush, to a not-so-familiar delicacy of approach.

Lead vocalist Paul Sykes sounds more in focus than before, dialling down the effects and using reverb / delay to carry his lyrics rather than smother. The band has also fine-tuned to leave some room for extra depth. Piano, electronics and violin all find a way in amongst a familiar mesh of interlacing guitars, wrapped round a taut rhythm section. Grooves for those who want to dance or for those who want to hug a wall and nod...bleak dystopian imagery submerged in relentless rhythms and low-end rattle. The songs breathe life and soul – they’ve never sounded fresher or more on point. “prolific london noiseniks diversify sound but still pack a punch” - uncut.

Four Bibles


  1. Bees Around The Lime Tree
  2. Memory Gore
  3. Confession Bay
  4. It's A Low
  5. (Decompression)
  6. Carcass
  7. The Golden Bough
  8. Palm Hex / Arndale Chins
  9. Babes Of The Plague
  10. Four Bibles