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Benedict Benjamin 



limited signed cd

Released: 3rd May 2019


limited signed lp

Released: 3rd May 2019


a breath-taking burst of songwriting creativity that’s steeped in warm melodies and intricate Americana musicality.

Benedict Benjamin is Ben Rubinstein, formerly of The Mariners Children and Peggy Sue. ‘ain’t easy’ - the first single from ‘Truant’ - a driving and melodic piece of sixties influenced garage rock. After writing and recording his debut, Ben turned to a more full-band sound for his second album. The early sixties Everly Brothers influences are still present in the melodies, but now there is an urgency and grit to the instrumentation that sits somewhere between The Velvet Underground and Tom Petty or more recent forbears such as Kevin Morby and Angel Olsen.



  1. i Spy
  2. Ain't Easy
  3. Tell Me If You're Lonely
  4. The Way You Talk To Waiters
  5. Halo
  6. Change Your Mind
  7. Culture War
  8. Baby's Crying
  9. Alone
  10. Dreaming
  11. Motherfucker