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Released: 3rd May 2019


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An urgent, impassioned warning from the humanity’s dark side that spins around woozy riffs and menacing-yet-wise vocals, Talk Show’s Fast & Loud is fuelled by the tense energy of keeping it together in the face of impending chaos.

Cautioning against ignoring the passions and struggles of those fighting to keep their heads above water in ever impersonal cities, there’s a grinningly macabre satire surging through the song’s every fibre: no one welcomes a fall, but if those who can prevent society from cracking chose to ignore the problems of their own making, then don’t expect the rest of us not to revel in the permissive, decadent descent that will follow. There’s no judgment from Talk Show, Fast & Loud does not preach from any pulpit, rather offers a snatched vision of stretched out souls inhabiting seemingly endless metropolises, and while there’s plenty of dystopian brooding in the South London band’s single, there’s also a very human dark sense of humour behind the alienation. Cutting and pasting the rhyme and chime of Dr John Cooper Clarke’s Beasley Street, into the foreboding cityscapes that populate graphic novels and sci-fi nightmares, Fast & Loud jerkily pans through this crumbling world with a sitcom-like wit. “I aimed to not actually form an opinion about city life, I was more just trying to supply an ‘eye witness’ account, though whether it’s ended up as that or something more exaggerated depends on the listener’s interpretation,” laughs Talk Show’s frontman Harrison Swann of Fast & Loud’s visually charged lyrics. “The song is pretty much a stream of my thoughts, which manifested into a take on people and cities. It’s pretty bleak stuff, to be honest but, it worked for me.” With its swirling energy, brutalist guitars and its menacing vocals delivered with a cheeky wink, Fast & Loud should work for everyone, after all when was the last time you could have a good think, laugh and dance to pre-apocalyptic angst?



  1. Fast and Loud
  2. Fear (demo)