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The Rhythm Method

How Would You Know I Was Lonely?


very limited (300 only) white label lp

Released: 19th Jul 2019


the london duo’s off-kilter pop absolutely nails the zeitgeist of a culture burned out by having everything now.

Formed half a decade ago in a Thameside squat protection scheme intended for professionals but inhabited by the barely-employed, the duo of lyricist/vocalist Joey Bradbury and top-liner/singer-songwriter Rowan Martin turned a summer of FIFA tournaments, cosmic breakdowns and 4pm beers into a series of bizarre, outsider-music iPhone demos that became a Soundcloud, then a band, then a live show and now an album. this is a journey through the present – a descent into late 20's, late-capitalist mind-funk; 12 stories of near-romances, yellow label dinners, chemical catatonia and lack-of-identity politics. Its influences are strange and diverse, not always entirely credible or tangible; Scritti Politti, Aswad, Irish Pub karaoke, ITV4, YouTube freestyles, Celtic standards, Golborne Road radios and more than a dose of Rod Stewart. Joey Bradbury's verses could be a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown recording the voice notes of his crack-up, whilst Rowan Martin's choruses ask questions you never thought you'd hear in such hummable form.

How Would You Know I Was Lonely?


  1. Salad Cream
  2. Ode 2 Joey
  3. Tomato
  4. Something For The Weekend
  5. Single Life
  6. Magic Hour
  7. Local, Girl
  8. Continental Breakfast
  9. Anonymous
  10. Cruel ft. Zoee
  11. Sex And The Suburbs
  12. Wandsworth Plain ft. Chris Difford