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Abbey Records


Released: 9th Aug 2019


yellow lp

Released: 9th Aug 2019


regan’s otherworldly indie folk is subtly potent, vividly painting the sound of a starry night sky.

It’s a spine-tingling spell of a record, named after the Spanish word for ‘cove’, bathed in the balmy rays of summer and the iridescent light of that August moon. Ten songs and 35 minutes long, it’s a concise statement but with deep pockets to tumble into, drawn by Regan’s drowsy beauty and nuanced narratives. This is a must for fans of laura veirs, alela diane and laura Gibson need to hear this. “what may be regan’s finest 35 minutes to date” 8/10 – uncut.



  1. Collar of Fur
  2. Head Swim
  3. Riverside Heights
  4. The Ocean Wave
  5. Volca
  6. Cala
  7. Brass Locket
  8. Hunting Dog
  9. glaciers
  10. Under the Waves / Tokyo