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12 Astronauts


cd + illustrated booklet

Released: 19th Jul 2019


space colour (black) lp

Released: 6th Sep 2019


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Twelve songs for the twelve astronauts to have walked on the moon – hayman once again comes up trumps with a bold concept and a stellar delivery. The songs are works of historical fiction. Although Darren researched heavily he is essentially imagining himself as each astronaut and singing in the first person. The songs are not all set during the Apollo missions. Buzz Aldrin battles with his demons and fights for his marriage. Pete Conrad sympathises with his partner’s fear of an accident in flight. David Scott wonders what happened to his bodyguard on his press tour. Gene Cernan list every object he can think of that was left on the moon. Although the subject is big Darren has always written songs about small things and this album is no different. Darren collects together tiny moments from magnificent lives.

12 Astronauts


  1. Spaceman No More (Neil Armstrong)
  2. Low Orbit (Buzz Aldrin)
  3. Timber Cove (Pete Conrad)
  4. Alan Bean (Alan Bean)
  5. Don't Clip My Wings (Alan Sheppard)
  6. Hard Disk in the Sky (Edgar Mitchell)
  7. Major Sunday (David Scott)
  8. Genesis Rock (James Irwin)
  9. 100% Oxygen (John Young)
  10. Duke's Dream (Charles Duke)
  11. It's Geology (Harrison Schmitt)
  12. Things We Left Behind (Gene Cernan)