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Gender Roles


big scary monsters


Released: 30th Aug 2019


lp + download

Released: 30th Aug 2019


the brighton trio’s electrifying debut is a riot of pummelling melodic noise and a whole lot of hookery.

Bennett’s approach to topics such as loss highlight an additional nuance to his lyrics, while the band as a whole sound fuller and more robust than on any other previous material. “If we can inspire positivity and creativity in the listener then that is more than we could ever hope for. We want to give the same feelings we’re getting playing live, to be excited and to have fun while we can. We want everyone to feel like they are involved and that they can have their own stories, it’s not just about us”. Fans of pup, press club and slotface will love it!



  1. You Look Like Death
  2. Always
  3. Deep End
  4. Hey with Two Whys
  5. Ickie
  6. Your War
  7. Tip of My Tongue
  8. School's Out
  9. That's How You Want It to Be
  10. Bubble