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Emperor Tomato Ketchup (2019 reissue)



Released: 13th Sep 2019


3lp + download

Released: 13th Sep 2019


limited indies-only numbered clear 3lp + scratch card + download

Released: 13th Sep 2019

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Remastered from the original tapes, this luxurious reissue includes a bonus disc of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes.

Co-released by the band’s own label Duophonic UHF Disks and Warp Records. The package includes lyrics and sleevenotes from Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup (2019 reissue)


  1. Metronomic Underground
  2. Cybele’s Reverie
  3. Percolator
  4. Les Yper Sound
  5. Spark Plug
  6. OLV 26
  7. The Noise Of Carpet
  8. Tomorrow Is Already Here
  9. Emperor Tomato Ketchup
  10. Monstre Sacre
  11. Motoroller Scalatron
  12. Slow Fast Hazel
  13. Anonymous Collective
  14. Freestyle Dumpling
  15. Noise Of Carpet (Original Mix)
  16. Old Lungs
  17. Percolator (Original Mix)
  18. Cybele's Reverie Demo
  19. Spark Plug Demo
  20. Spinal Column Demo
  21. Emperor Tomato Ketchup Demo
  22. Les Yper Sound Demo
  23. Metronomic Underground Demo
  24. Percolator Demo
  25. Tomorrow Is Already Here Demo
  26. Brigitte Demo
  27. Motorola Scalatron Demo
  28. Anonymous Collective Demo