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Not Waving & Dark Mark (mark lanegan)


ecstatic recordings

very limited (500 only) yellow lp - 1 per customer

Released: 9th Aug 2019

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Strange bedfellows they may be, but the combined weight of Mark Lanegan’s crunched-gravel vocals and the rhythmic, sonorous glare of Not Waving’s production results in something giddy, trippy, warped, and relentlessly enjoyable.

Thanks to Lanegan’s classically dusty tone - famously described as being “scratchy as a three day beard yet as supple as moccasin leather” - and the breadth of Not Waving’s production, the results draw listeners deep into the artists’ shared plane of world-weary but quietly hopeful conception, emphasising the power of closeness and empathy. Their songs come on like waves lapping a shore that’s ever-shifting, ever the same.



  1. Signifying The End
  2. City Of Sin
  3. On The Yard
  4. Burned Out Babylon
  5. The Last Time Leaving Home
  6. Persimmon Tree
  7. Lights Of Canopus
  8. Murder In Fugue
  9. The Broken Man