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A Pill For Loneliness

Still Records


Released: 4th Oct 2019


limited indies-only transparent blue & black 2lp with mirror-board sleeve

Released: 4th Oct 2019


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2lp with mirror-board sleeve

Released: 4th Oct 2019


Bigger, bolder and more expansive than before, ‘a pill for loneliness’ is unafraid of treading new paths and is all the better for it.

‘Imagination’ blows shoegaze into something enormous and euphoric with a bit of a polish, while ‘Difficult Love’ borrows a touch from the national’s songbook with a touch of hold steady Americana too. It could still only be the former alexisonfire man though – everything that’s made his post post-hardcore career so intriguing is here, but with a bigger than ever scope and delivery. Marvellous.

A Pill For Loneliness


  1. Living in Lightning
  2. Astronaut
  3. Imagination
  4. Difficult Love
  5. Me and the Moonlight
  6. Mountain of Madness
  7. Song of Unrest
  8. Strangers
  9. The War Years
  10. Young Lovers
  11. Lay Me Down