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Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker

Little Common Twist

thrill jockey


Released: 8th Nov 2019


LP + Download

Released: 8th Nov 2019


In stretching the bounds of their interplay even further than before, the duo have created their most evocative and expansive work to date, conjuring the afterglow of sun-scorched landscapes and ethereal after-hours ambiance.

Rumback is a drummer in high demand in Chicago’s free-jazz circles and a pillar of the second wave of improvisers in a scene first shaped by the legendary players like Sun Ra and other members of the AACM. Walker draws deeply on other distinctly American styles, bringing a strong sense of folk tradition to his playing that is as arresting as his freewheeling performance style. Together, Rumback and Walker find common ground in their kinetic, intuitive playing and yearning creative outlook.

Little Common Twist


  1. Half Joking
  2. Self Blind Sun
  3. Idiot Parade
  4. And You, These Sang
  5. Menebhi
  6. Ill-Fitting/ No Sickness
  7. If You’re Around And Down
  8. Worn And Held