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king lagoons flying swordfish dance band

the golden lagoon

Kin-Aesthetic Recordings

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Released: 22nd Nov 2019


whilst their name might be too long, we can’t get enough of this hyper-melodic concoction of tropical afro-latin-funk-jazz jams brought into being by warm brass toots and lithe guitar licks.

The Flying Swordfish are the royal band of a king known as ‘Lagoon’ who inhabits a tropical paradise in a parallel dimension. The realm of King Lagoon hosts many diverse and exotic lands and small islands where the royal flotilla races and cruises to the sounds of the King’s favourite bands. This dimension is similar to ours but many things can work quite differently and unexpectedly. fans of mauskovic dance band will love it!

the golden lagoon


  1. Opening
  2. Ai, Que Calor!
  3. Inland to Caves (Interlude)
  4. One Leg
  5. Sand and Space (Interlude)
  6. Magic Sand
  7. Jungle Memory Echoes (Interlude)
  8. 100 000 Islands
  9. Volcano Lagoon
  10. Calling the Flying Swordfish (Interlude)
  11. Gazelle Vs Gazelle
  12. Into Swordfish Space