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Lee "Scratch" Perry

Live In Brighton


cd + dvd

Released: 24th Jan 2020


Scintillating live set from our very own Concorde 2 by that most enigmatic and renowned dub producer – Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Without doubt the best known and most charismatic of all the Jamaican record producers Rainford Hugh Perry (nicknamed Lee by his mother) aka Scratch/ The Upsetter is one of reggae’s longest serving veterans and his story is inseparable from that of the development of Jamaican popular music. By 1968 he had formed his own label Upsetter Records and was enjoying hits with songs like The Untouchable’s ‘Tighten Up’. But he became best known for his quirky instrumental numbers whose titles often took inspiration from the spaghetti westerns that were so popular in Kingston’s downtown cinemas at the time.


Live In Brighton


  1. Am A Madman
  2. Station Underground News
  3. French Connection
  4. Jungle Lion
  5. People Funny Boy
  6. Tighten Up
  7. Doctor Dick
  8. Rub and Squeeze
  9. The Thanks We Get
  10. Disc 2: I Am A Madman
  11. Station Underground News
  12. French Connection
  13. Jungle Lion
  14. People Funny Boy
  15. Tighten Up
  16. Doctor Dick
  17. Rub and Squeeze
  18. The Thanks We Get