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Cable Ties

far enough



Released: 27th Mar 2020


limited indies only black & orange swirl lp + download

Released: 27th Mar 2020


lp + download

Released: 27th Mar 2020


a fierce, tense rock’n’roll trio summoning a rhythmic tide to deliver anthems that turn latent anxieties into a rallying cry.

they take the three-minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point to deliver smouldering feminist anthems. post-punk and garage rock hammered together by a relentless rhythmic pulse. jenny mckechnie channels her struggles into songs that resonate deeply, giving voice to feelings often buried in modern life. shauna boyle and nick brown are a rhythm section anchored in stooges primitivism, relentlessly hammering out a bedrock for mckechnie’s guitar pyrotechnics and vocal wallop. FFO: Bikini Kill, Amyl & the Sniffers, The Stooges, Big Joanie, Sleater-Kinney. “(they) embrace the existential and pragmatic threats of their age, integrating swagger and presence, nihilism and message, articulate outrage and visceral prognostication.” 8.2/10 - Cultural Weekly

far enough


  1. Hope
  2. Tell Them Where to Go
  3. Sandcastles
  4. Lani
  5. Not My Story
  6. Self-Made Man
  7. Anger’s Not Enough
  8. Pillow