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the orb

Abolition of The Royal Familia

Cooking Vinyl Limited


Released: 27th Mar 2020


limited indies only clear blue 2lp + download

Released: 27th Mar 2020


T’Orb reveal their republican leanings on this, their 17th record of deep ambience, cerebral throbbing dub, classic house, hip hop, and psych.

With it’s provocative, mafia-alluding title, Hogarth/Chapman Brothers inspired cover by artist Pure Evil and a no-longer-present sample of Prince Charles (removed for litigious reasons), ‘Abolition..’ continues The Orb’s recent run of records which protest against the establishment, albeit in their own roundabout and idiosyncratic way. Humour, samples, the white island, and heartbreakingly beautiful contemporary composition are recognisably present, as is, perhaps less expectedly, a proudly pop element. “All in all, it’s a quintessential Orb album, and in today’s world as the one thirty years ago, that’s a mighty fine thing.” 9/10 - Backseat Mafia

Abolition of The Royal Familia


  1. Daze - Missing & Messed Up Mix
  2. House of Narcotics - Opium Wars Mix
  3. Hawk Kings - Oseberg Buddhas Buttonhole
  4. Honey Moonies - Brain Washed at Area 49 Mix
  5. Pervitin - Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version
  6. Afros, Afghans and Angels - Helgö Treasure Chest
  7. Shape Shifters (in two parts) - Coffee & Ghost Train Mix
  8. Say Cheese - Siberian Tiger Cookie Mix
  9. Ital Orb - Too Blessed To Be Stressed Mix
  10. The Queen of Hearts - Princess Of Clubs Mix
  11. The Weekend it Rained Forever - Oseberg Buddha Mix (The Ravens Have Left The Tower)
  12. Slave Till U Die No Matter What U Buy - L’anse Aux Meadows Mix